Farewell 2014!

Whoa nelly! Just a few more minutes left of the year! It always feels like the older I get, the faster the years fly by. I’ll do the cliché thing and take a moment to reflect on my year. I am blessed to say that 2014 was a wonderful year for me. I quit my miserable corporate desk job at the beginning of the year, left Atlanta, and moved in with my mom. This year started out in complete uncertainty and I had no idea what was to come of my backwards steps. My justification for all this was to take a “gap year.” A year to just do whatever the hell I wanted in a new place while still being able to work here and there. Moving to Kentucky allowed me to do so. I grew up in Atlanta with my aunt and extended family for the majority of my younger years; so moving up north to live AND work along side Mama Mai every day has been quite an adjustment to say the least. I have always felt that my mom and I never had the mother daughter bonding time that most do. This year has allowed me to make up for some of our lost time.

This year has primarily been all about “figuring it out.” It’s been about giving myself the time that I needed to really hone in on what I wanted to do with my life and how I was going to do it. All I knew was I needed a change. Little did I know it would take me nearly 10 months to figure out what that change would be. I remember at the beginning of this year, the first guy I went on a date with told me that I have no goals or aspirations. It definitely struck a chord. But at the time, he was right. I had goals, but no definite ones. I had aspirations but no way of getting there. Come 9 months later, the last guy I went on a date with told me that I’m intimidating because I seem to know exactly what I want and how to get it. Having strangers give their critical evaluation of the person they think I am has always been both amusing and enlightening. I don’t usually put much weight on what people think of me but their opposing opinions of me forced me to compare where I was at the start of 2014 and where I am now.

I worked most of my days away helping my mom at her nail salon and blew all my money on a dream that I didn’t even know I was building. Whenever possible I simply did what I loved…I traveled. Domestic. International. I ventured outside my boundaries by land, sea, and air. San Francisco. Kentucky. Atlanta. Savannah. New York. Dublin. London. Scotland. Amsterdam. North Carolina. Florida. Chicago. I didn’t go on vacations. I went on explorations. Exploring new places breathes new life into my hungry soul. All these trips led me to realize that I want to move abroad so that I can satisfy that hunger.  Thus, the idea of teaching English abroad would become the answer to my problems. South Korea awaits! There’s nothing I love more than to see the world so I am extremely grateful that I have been able to travel throughout this year.

I also met a lot of new people this year and grew close to a few. There were some bad ones that revealed the ugly side of human nature and the rare few who come after to restore my wavering faith in humankind. No matter how short lived the moment, I want to thank everyone who has crossed paths with me this year. All the memorable family functions, parties, daytime adventures, night outings, music festivals, bad dates, and good times will be cherished forever in the my life’s story. I sincerely hope that many of you will be part of my new year, because I’ve grown too fond of some of you to let you only be a memory! Farewell 2014.

My year in photos (in order):


Frolicking on the sands of Baker Beach in San Francisco, CA. Did you know people go nude here?


My precious niece, Madelyn, turned 1 this year!


Eating like pigs in London’s Borough Market.


Went to Hogwarts to see Harry!


Hands down the most scenic spot of the year! Sat on the edge of a ledge with MT for over an hour overlooking Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland.


The coast of Northern Ireland.


White water rafting @ Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina.


Labor Day Weekend in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with the fam.


Early morning deep sea fishing trip in Destin, Florida.


2nd annual Tomorrowworld Festival: Chattahoochee Hills, GA.


Aboard the Shoreline River Architectural River Tour of Chicago.


TEFL Classmates in front of Cloudgate: The Bean. Chicago, IL


Congratulating MyThanh on her graduation from college! Savannah, GA.

2015, I’m ready for you! Happy New Year!

Digital Detox

OFF. That’s what I’ve been lately and it’s the main reason why I haven’t wrote anything in weeks. It felt necessary for me to shut off for a while to recharge and reboot my mind and body. Tis’ the season for hibernation and anyone who knows me well can tell you that I sleep like a champ. It feels good to do absolutely nothing sometimes. I think I’ve semi-mastered the art of being idle. We live in a day and age where having low cellular battery power feels like losing an appendage. We feel as though we constantly have to be plugged in, charged up, and logged on to capture, connect, and share everything we do at every moment. The new age world is all about being connected, but look around you…have we ever been more disconnected? People don’t even talk to each other when they sit and dine together. We’d much rather instagram our food pics to see how many likes we may get. I’m guilty of it. I hug walls trying to charge up all my devices. I juggle 3 different cameras just to capture and share every fleeting moment unfolding before my eyes. I’ll sit there and thumb through 8 different photo filters until I find one that I fancy. Then I look at my IG and Facebook feeds and get annoyed because almost everyone I know is posting the same shit as the last. When things go viral, it’s gotten more annoying as ever. Why? Because originality is dying. So thus…I must disconnect. I have to shut off the phone, unfollow the pretentious posers whose posts only annoy me. Digital Detox! Log off! Shut down! Unplug! Disconnect! I’ve digitally detoxified every so often all in the hopes that I can really reconnect with my family, my friends, and most importantly myself. Our generation cannot be F*CKED! Check out the funny video below for shits & giggles.

A reminder to myself and everyone else:

Be in the moment darlings.


Can We Stop Trying to Be Happy All the Time?

In this day and age, I’m not sure who still reads magazines. Truth be told, most people don’t read period. I enjoy flipping through the colorful pages of a magazine as much as I do reading insightful columns. I casually flipped through the January issue of Glamour magazine and wanted to share this great article with you.

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 7.28.50 PM

This short little article packs a powerful message that spoke volumes to me. Happiness is such an obscure idea. This reminds me to be grateful for my happy moments, because the rarity of their occurrence is what makes it so special. Are you trying to be happy all the time?

Just some food for thought. Ta-ta for now my loves.