Digital Detox

OFF. That’s what I’ve been lately and it’s the main reason why I haven’t wrote anything in weeks. It felt necessary for me to shut off for a while to recharge and reboot my mind and body. Tis’ the season for hibernation and anyone who knows me well can tell you that I sleep like a champ. It feels good to do absolutely nothing sometimes. I think I’ve semi-mastered the art of being idle. We live in a day and age where having low cellular battery power feels like losing an appendage. We feel as though we constantly have to be plugged in, charged up, and logged on to capture, connect, and share everything we do at every moment. The new age world is all about being connected, but look around you…have we ever been more disconnected? People don’t even talk to each other when they sit and dine together. We’d much rather instagram our food pics to see how many likes we may get. I’m guilty of it. I hug walls trying to charge up all my devices. I juggle 3 different cameras just to capture and share every fleeting moment unfolding before my eyes. I’ll sit there and thumb through 8 different photo filters until I find one that I fancy. Then I look at my IG and Facebook feeds and get annoyed because almost everyone I know is posting the same shit as the last. When things go viral, it’s gotten more annoying as ever. Why? Because originality is dying. So thus…I must disconnect. I have to shut off the phone, unfollow the pretentious posers whose posts only annoy me. Digital Detox! Log off! Shut down! Unplug! Disconnect! I’ve digitally detoxified every so often all in the hopes that I can really reconnect with my family, my friends, and most importantly myself. Our generation cannot be F*CKED! Check out the funny video below for shits & giggles.

A reminder to myself and everyone else:

Be in the moment darlings.


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