Korea, here I am!

I’m climbing, inching higher and higher to the peak, but slowly. I know the drop is coming, but not exactly sure when. Adrenaline pulses through my veins. My excitement, anxiety, fear, and delight are all tangled up in a ball of emotions. A heavy heart weighs me down. My eyes water. I feel so ill. I could throw up. But I mustn’t. I’m just psyching myself out. Finally, the ride reaches a slight halt. I am at the highest point and suddenly, it drops. Plunging forward at the fastest speed, I feel weightless and empty.

A prolonged roller coaster ride. That is how I could best describe what this whole endeavor has felt like since day one. 6 months later…here I am!

I have arrived in South Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm. I must say I can’t believe I have been able to remain relatively calm since my initial departure. The days leading up to this long awaited adventure were hectic and stressful. My decision to move across the world to live and work in a completely foreign country is daunting to most people (including myself), but the disappointment and devastation that I caused my mom has been the hardest to bear.

I left home with a heavy heart. I cried more in the last few days than I ever have probably in the last few years. Any good feelings that I had about this whole journey were always overcome by guilt. I felt selfish and wrong for doing this, but I knew that I had to fight through it to be here now.

Now that I am finally here, it feels surreal. All that time, the waiting and anticipation for what was to come was torturing. I waited so long for things to start happening, and when they finally did…I couldn’t slow it down. I’m just trying my best to soak it all in, while reminding myself to stay flexible.

Luckily, I have already met with a handful of other late arrival EPIK teachers. There’s more than a few of us staying at the Benikea Hotel near Incheon Airport. Tomorrow, I meet with the Gangwon-do provincial office of education coordinator. Hopefully, I might finally get to find out where I’ll be living and working. The suspense has been killing me!

New vlog showcasing my hotel room in Incheon for the first night here!

To all my family and friends, please keep in touch!


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