Grocery Shopping in Rural Korea

Kroger, Publix, Target, Walmart…oh! how I miss them already. I finally went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time since I have moved out of the country and it was definitely somewhat of a challenge for me. It made me realize I really need to learn how to read Korean, because most things come without English labels or descriptions.

Despite the small size of most of the markets here in Cheorwon, I was still able to spot familiar brands like Hershey’s, Tabasco, Lipton, and Kellogg’s.

Almost all of the items I purchased were from unfamiliar brands that I have never seen, and all of my decision making came down to what cost the least and had the most enticing labels. I’ve always been a sucker for good packaging.

Grocery shopping, a thing that used to be somewhat therapeutic for me has become a minor stress in my new life here. How did I counteract that? 2 words: snack aisle.

See what I bought in my vlog below:

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