5 Day Vacay: Busan

Hey guys, sorry I have been horrible about blogging on a consistent basis. I underestimated how much work it would be to keep up with vlogging and blogging in between work during the week and travelingScreen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.34.02 PM every weekend. I’ve been working in Korea for less than 6 weeks and was fortunate enough to already have an extended 5 day weekend off. Friday May 1st was considered a “Labor Day” for contract workers so most EPIK teachers got the day off. Monday May 4th was a sandwich day before the actual Children’s Day holiday on May 5th. So with 5 days off, I decided to head down south to Busan, South Korea’s 2nd largest city. Cheorwon is so far from Busan that we had to take practically every mode of transportation to get there. We spent a grueling 6-7 hours on local buses, subways, and the high speed KTX train to get to and from Busan, but it was the perfect weekend to do so.

Busan Picture Story


My Cheorwon travel buddies from the states, South Africa, and Canada.


Beef soup with mushrooms and clear glass noodles bubblin’ hot! The broth was a tad sweet but it was a dish that would agree with anyone!DSC00713

“Marine Product Soup”

Blue crabs, shrimp, octopus, and mussels. Spicy, hot, and delicious. Took a little work to get the meat out of those crabs, but it was well worth it.


We had a few drinks on Haeundae Beach and lit up these babies.


Haeundae Beach

This was my first beach visit in Korea. I came so unprepared with no sunscreen and left with sunburnt legs and shoulders. Most Koreans, like the two to the right, come to the beach fully clothed in jeans, shoes, and even high-heels. It’s fun to people watch here but the water was too cold for me to dive in.


Haeundae Market

Chicken in a cup, need I say more?


Fried goodies: dumplings, shrimp, calamari, & other things I can’t remember. DSC00758

Finally found some REAL bubble tea made from real tea and real fruit juice, none of that syrup shit. I was so happy when I spotted this place in Shinsegae, the world’s biggest department store. I was too wrapped up in enjoying my bubble tea, I forgot to take pictures to show how massive this department store is.


Centum Marina ParkDSC00769


It’s a Small World Afterall!

The funniest most random thing happened on one of my nights out in Busan. As I was walking back to my hostel, I walked past a very familiar face. I thought to myself, that girl really looks like someone from high school! But I shook the thought from my head, because what are the chances of seeing someone from high school in another country?! Then, a few minutes later…she messages me on Facebook! I met up with Natalie for drinks the night after to catch up! It’s been almost 10 years since high school and it was the most random thing that we spotted each other on the other side of the world. I still can’t get over this crazy chance encounter!


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

I spent the last full day with the girls visiting different cultural sights around Busan. The trip to the temple by the sea was one of my favorite excursions. The sun was out, the breeze was wonderful, and every spot seemed to be a perfect opportunity for a photo op.











Gamcheon Culture Village 

We took a mini bus up a crazy hill to this small colorful village. When we got up to the top, I felt like I wasn’t in Korea anymore. The view looked more like South America to me. Simply put, this place was cute but I wouldn’t say that it’s a must-see in Busan.






The ladies starting off the night with Soju + Beer + Coke Cocktails.


Gwangan Bridge

It reminded me of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, but way smaller and more colorful. I rushed to see this on my final night in Busan. Luckily, I got there about an hour before they turned the lights out. They are serious about conserving energy here!

DSC00864Gwangalli Beach

This beach is smaller than Haeundae Beach, but the bridge in the background makes up for its size.

Back in Seoul DSC00877

Street snack: tasted like corn bread with an egg cooked in the middle. It was the BEST street snack I’ve had thusfar here. I just really love eggs…and corn….and bread….I mean it’s the perfect marriage. Not to mention that it was hot, soft inside with a nice outer crust.


I want another one. NOW.


Free Caricatures @ the Myeongdong Tourist Information Booth

Anike and I stopped by the tourist information booth to ask for directions and were offered free caricature drawings from this talented artist as part of Seoul’s Welcome Week. I was rather impressed with her skills because the drawing really did look like me. Finally, someone got it right!

Overall, this extended holiday weekend was both relaxing and exhausting. Lots of traveling, walking, eating, drinking, beaching, seeing, and doing. I’m still trying to catch my breath. Korea is good. Life is good. May is going to be great guys.


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