Date Night in Cheorwon

So I’ve been on a handful of dates since I moved to Korea. Most of which haven’t been worth mentioning. I have been contemplating the idea of sharing my dating life online for quite some time and I’m still not exactly sure how to go about it in a tactful way but I’ll try.  There are certain aspects of my life that I like to keep private, but these experiences are also part of my “quest’ to not only live a fulfilling life but also maybe to find love along the way.

A few weeks back, I was on the phone with my dad and he asked me something that he has never asked me before. “Kimmy, all this time…there’s been no one? No boyfriends?” I was completely taken back by my dad’s sudden curiosity in my love life or lack there of. Up till’ this day, my dad has still never seen me with a guy or even heard about any talk of a boyfriend. It certainly isn’t the first time someone’s taken interest in that aspect of my life. I have been single for over 3 years and I think people are starting to really wonder why I am always alone.

The answer? Simple and complicated in so many ways. But the short version of it would be that I simply haven’t found someone that is worth settling down for. I’ve had a pretty bad track record of shitty relationships in years past, and now that I am older I’m not willing to just plug any guy into boyfriend status just to fill my lonely void. However, that hasn’t stopped me from putting myself out there to meet people and seeing where it may go.

Most of my dates here in Korea have taken place in Seoul because it is just easier to meet people in the city. However, this past Monday was different because I went on a date without having to hop on a 2 hour bus ride into Seoul. Simply put…it was nice. It was nice to be in good company and to explore my own backyard with a gentleman because for awhile there, I was almost convinced there weren’t very many of them left.

Pictures from that evening minus the “mystery man”


Drove out of Shincheorwon to Dongsong, but still in Cheorwon County, Gangwon-do Province of South Korea


@ the front entrance of Dopiansa Temple

DSC03095 DSC03106 DSC03111


The legendary iron Variocana Buddha statue

DSC03100DSC03116 DSC03118 DSC03121 DSC03129


Hantan River


Front Entrance of Hantan River Spa Hotel


Hantan River Spa Hotel located in Goseokjeong in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do



Restaurant area


Spicy seafood pesto pasta dish, burned my mouth a little but it wasn’t bad!

The quest for life, love, and even lust starts with an open mind and heart. Who knows what could happen? But there’s beauty in not knowing.


One thought on “Date Night in Cheorwon

  1. I love Asian women, but the only ones that seem to want to date me are fat or old. Even on tinder, whenever I match with an Asian girl and I see her in real life, she’s always 30 lbs heavier than her photos! I wanted to date Asian girls because they’re thinner than white ones. Any tips on what I’m doing wrong?


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