11 Things I love about Korea

Finally got around to filming this! 11 things I love about Korea, spoken in more detail above:

  1. Public Transportation
  2. Safety
  3. Korean Postal Service
  4. Sharing is caring
  5. Banchan
  6. The price of alcohol
  7. No open container laws
  8. Korean bath houses/saunas/spas
  9. Cosmetic stores
  10. Market day
  11. Korean rap music

When I finished filming and editing this, I realized I forgot to mention the best thing of all about living in Korea: NO TIPPING!  No tipping your waiters. No tipping taxi drivers. I’ve never had to leave a tip for any service because it’s considered normal not to. In fact, if you did tip them…they may even be insulted by it. They have no complaints, and neither do I!




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