2 Days in Da Nang, Vietnam

I kicked off my winter vacation in Da Nang, Vietnam earlier this month. My dad met me at the airport in Ho Chi Minh, and immediately booked our flight into his beloved hometown. I didn’t find out my dad was visiting Vietnam around the same time I would be there until a month before my departure date. If we could have planned it earlier, I would have tried to coordinate my travel dates to match his. I hadn’t seen my dad since May of last year and I hadn’t seen Da Nang since 1999! I made no itinerary for my time in Vietnam, because I knew I had family there so I just went wherever they wanted to take me. It was a nice change to travel without any agenda for a few days.

The entire trip to Da Nang was Daddy’s spur of the moment decision, so I only had two days to explore. Luckily, my cousins were generous enough to take me around to some famous spots, as well as, some great local restaurants and cafes. I should note that I have a Southern Vietnamese accent because I grew up with my mother’s side of the family. It was often difficult for me to understand my relatives in Da Nang because their accent is so different than what grew up with. My Vietnamese skills definitely are no where near 100% but they didn’t seem to mind putting up with me.

Even though I had been to Vietnam before as a kid, it felt like I was seeing it again for the first time. I was grateful to be able to come back after 17 years to re-connect with family that I hardly knew and experience the city my dad came from.

Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam, but I love that it doesn’t feel too congested. The air from the coast was crisp and the weather was not yet too hot. I only wished that I could have stayed longer, but I know for certain that I will be back.





See you next time Da Nang!


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