1 year Abroad in South Korea | What’s Next?

One year has came and went. I can’t believe it’s almost all over. It still hasn’t hit me. I’m a big ball of emotions right now, but more smiles than tears.

It was a bittersweet good bye to my little Korean hometown of Shincheorwon. Especially because it was so hard to leave the sweet frowning faces as I told my students that I was leaving. As I left work earlier today, I walked super slow just to soak up everything that has been my life for the last year. I’m incredibly surprised that I didn’t bawl my eyes out like I usually do in emotional times such as these. I guess you can say that I am more happy and grateful to have had this experience, than sad about leaving it all behind. South Korea was just the first chapter to my quest abroad and I will continue to pursue my dream of seeing the world in all its glory.

Next stop?




New Zealand.

San Francisco.

My new chapter begins in 3 days! Catch me if you can!



4 thoughts on “1 year Abroad in South Korea | What’s Next?

  1. Your an inspiration Kimmy! Have loved watching you so much and look forward to see whats next!

    PS cant believe I have been watching your videos for months & only just now descorved you have own website😅

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  2. I absolutely love this!!! I’m a new ITA TEFL graduate and preparing for my next chapter. My only concern is that I keep seeing posts from alumni about the travel experience of it, but not the teaching. How was THAT?! I’ve never taught before. How was it working with little ones?? I have so many questions! And South Korea was one of my top choices


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