My 5 Must Have Travel Items

I just filmed a video discussing my 5 MUST HAVE Travel items! Click to watch or scroll down to read my detailed reviews of each item!

vspb202d-11. VINSIC POWER BANK 

Buy on Amazon Here

This is probably one of my best tech travel purchases because I’ve used the shit out of it (and so have my friends!). This big baby of a power bank holds a massive amount of charge allowing you to get up to 10x a charge for almost any tech device. I use it to charge my iPhone, iPod, Cameras, and Fitbit. It can charge more than one device at a time so both my compadres and I have gotten good use out of it whenever we’re out and about. It is a bit heavier than most powerbanks, but at least you rarely have to worry about it running out of juice!


2. Sunland Microfiber Towel Ultra Compact Absorbent and Fast Drying Travel Sports Towels 

Buy on Amazon Here

Ditch your bulky full sized towels for this compact travel towel that comes with a black zip pouch. It saves me so much space in my travel bag! Only drawback is that it doesn’t feel like a soft, snuggly full size towel but it gets the job done and dries fast. I purchased 2 of these and alternate uses while the other dries.


 3. TravelWise Packing Cube System – Durable 5 Piece Weekender+ Set

Buy on Amazon Here

I somehow managed to pack a year’s worth of wardrobe into these packing cubes during my recent return home. These packing cubes are great for keeping items organized neatly. The smallest cube can easily fit 5-8 rolled tees and the bigger ones are better for pants and bulkier items.


 4. Icebreaker Women’s Siren Botanical Hipkini

Buy on Amazon Here

Wool underwear! I had my doubts when I first read that these were made of wool, but it’s not the typical itchy wool that comes to mind. Icebreaker is a company based in New Zealand that makes garments from merino sheep fibers, which are great for wicking moisture and keeping dry. For that very reason, these are must-have for me because I’m able to hand wash them and have them dry ready in a few hours! They are extremely comfortable and don’t roll up or give me annoying wedgies. I only wish they had more cuts and colors, but this one does the job!


 5.Diva Cup Menstrual Cup

Buy on Amazon Here

This one’s for the ladies! The Diva Cup is a re-usable menstrual cup that has changed my period days for the better! I’ve been using mine for a little over a year now and it’s still as good as new. No more are the days of changing pads and tampons every time I have to pee or poo. I only have to empty out the menstrual cup about 1-2x in a full day, usually find it easiest to do before a shower. To cleanse, I just rinse out with hot water in between uses and I boil it after each menstrual cycle. It’s saved me a ton of money on feminine products and the best part is…I can’t even feel it! Take that lady red!


These 5 items are my MUST HAVE travel items wherever I go, no matter how long or short my trip. I have gotten great use out of them and am more than satisfied with the value and quality of each. After a year of continual use, they’re all working as good as new!

What’s your MUST HAVE travel items? Do share! I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Travels wherever life takes you! ❤




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